Word From the Chair – October, 2020

What’s the difference between a politician and a public servant?  I know it sounds like a joke, and based on my usual tone you could be forgiven for imagining that’s where I’m going with this. The reality is, in 2020 more than ever, the difference is on full display.

Public servants represent a higher calling to life in the political arena.  Men like Phil Young and Joe Gresko, who give of themselves to support their communities.  It is not for self aggrandizement and it sure as heck isn’t for the meager paycheck.  It is an often thankless job of long hours, a lack of personal time or space, and fulfilled only by knowing the work being done is worth it.

A politician, in contrast, is playing a game.  A politician is in it to win it for themselves, to see that “W” next to their name and sate their own ego.  A politician spends their time playing to fear.  A politician knows that it is easier to attack and tear down than it is to build or put out ideas.

Trump has made this negative, divisive approach into a cornerstone of what the GOP represents, and it’s trickled all the way down to state and local politics.  Our Republican opponents this cycle have resorted to complete fabrications and lies to attack candidates personally rather than debate the best policy to move Stratford forward.

It’s the home stretch.  We’re all tired.  But with so much on the line we need to finish strong.  If you’re already helping on the campaigns, thank you, keep it up, we’re almost there.  If you aren’t, what are your waiting for?  Get up, we’ll get you set up, and we can do the work we signed up for this committee to do.

There’s so much at stake, lets cross the finish line knowing we’ve done all we can do.

Steve Taccogna

Chairman, Stratford DTC

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