Election Day is November 8th

Early Voting for Connecticut

This could be the year we make early voting a reality in Connecticut. The November 8th ballot, voters will be asked “Shall the Constitution of the State be amended to permit the General Assembly to provide for early voting?” If this question passes, the legislature would then determine the guidelines, and begin to institute Early Voting by 2024.

Voting on Election Day can be challenging for many people across our state including working parents, our elderly, commuters, and more. The flexibility of early voting would allow more people to participate in their civic duty. Historically long lines and delays at the polls have also been a deterrent for voters. With early voting, voter participation will increase, as voters will have more flexibility, and convenience. It will ensure that all eligible voter who wants to take the time can do so safely.

Millions of voters across the country cast their ballot ahead of Election Day. Connecticut is only of only 4 other states that does not currently allow early voting. Their votes are counted and safely recorded in the same way it would on Election Day.

Early Voting Facts

Frequently Asked Early Voting Questions:

Why do we need Early Voting?

Early Voting offers all voters another in-person option, more flexibility means more opportunities for eligible voters to cast their ballot without worrying about whether or not they can make it to the polls on Election Day.

I voted by absentee ballot in the Town Clerk’s office. Isn’t that the same thing as Early Voting?

No. Voting by absentee ballot is not the same as Early Voting. In our state, you can only vote by absentee ballot with a valid excuse, per our state

Is Early Voting safe and reliable?

Yes, the process is the same as on Election Day, with the same amount of checks and balances.

Will Early Voting cost the taxpayers a lot of money?

Not necessarily. There are ways to keep the cost to a minimum. The overwhelming number of states who have Early Voting have figured out ways to make the change cost neutral, Connecticut can too.

When will Early Voting become law if the referendum passes?

If the Early Voting question is passed, it will be up to the legislature to determine the parameters and therefore, the state will not be able to institute Early Voting until 2024.

Absentee Voting

Step 1: Apply for an Absentee Ballot. Download to application in ENGLISH or SPANISH.

Step 2: Follow the instructions carefully.

Step 3: Place completed application in a stamped envelope, and address it to:
Stratford Town Clerk
2725 Main Street, Room 106
Stratford, CT 06615

*Or you can bring it to the white Ballot Drop Box, alongside Town Hall 2725 Main Street, (across from the Fire Station).

Vote Absentee

Step 1: Once you get the official ballot, carefully read all the instructions.

Step 2: Fill it out and follow directions. Each ballot must be returned in its own envelope; do not combine your absentee ballot with that of another family member.

Step 3: Return the completed ballot using either of these methods:

  • You can mail the completed ballot to the Town Clerk at the above address. 
  • Or you can bring it to the white Ballot Drop Box, alongside Town Hall 2725 Main Street, (across from the Fire Station)
  • Submit your ballot before 8 p.m. on November 8. 

District 1: Lordship Elementary School – 254 Crown Street
District 2: Stratford High School – 245 King Street
District 3: Johnson House School – 719 Birdseye Street
District 4: Franklin School – 185 Barnum Avenue
District 5: Nichols School – 396 Nichols Avenue
District 6: Wooster Middle School – 150 Lincoln Street
District 7: Wilcoxson School – 600 Wilcoxson Avenue
District 8: Chapel Street School – 380 Chapel Street
District 9: Bunnell High School – 1 Bulldog Lane
District 10: Second Hill Lane School – 65 Second Hill Lane


Call: 203.385.4049

Office: 2725 Main St. Stratford CT 06615