About us

Our Commitment

The Stratford Democratic Town Committee advocates for responsive and effective leadership, open and transparent government, tangible economic development for local and small businesses, careful fiscal restraint, preservation of our community, housing that is affordable, increasing home values, education that lifts every child, conservation of our environmental treasures, and social progress. 

Economic Development

Exceptional Schools​

Conservation of Environment

Preservation Of Our Community​

Social Progress

With your help, we can elect Dedicated Democrats to our local offices who will help to build a strong economy, exceptional schools, and healthy Neighborhoods throughout Stratford.

What we do

  • Work to elect Democrats to public office who embrace our Democratic values
  • Fundraise for our candidates and causes
  • Mobilize and register people to vote
  • Support important political issues
  • Recruit and train volunteers
  • We have fun and make lifelong friendships with like-minded people

Party Leadership

Executive Board

Kathleen Callahan


Strategy, direction, delegation, and prescribed actions by statue and bylaws.

Chris Cormier

Vice Chair

Backup to Chair, internal and external outreach position; defined by state bylaws.

Matthew Schlager


Financial reporting and accountability; defined by statute and bylaws.

Kara Turman

Recording Secretary

Notices, recording of decisions, minutes; defined by statute and bylaws.

Rachel Rusnak

Deputy Treasurer

Backup to Treasurer.

Janice Cupee

Comms. Director

Outbound communication, social media, messaging, website.

Jim Simon

Ex-officio Advisor

Guidance, support on committee operations.

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