Democrat BOE Member Voices Concerns Over Republican-Approved Budget

Stratfor Board of Education Building

The landscape of Stratford’s public education system saw a significant development this week. Our Democratic Board of Education (BOE) member, Lisa Carroll-Fabian took to her Facebook page Friday morning on March 1, 2024, to release a statement concerning the recently approved BOE budget, spearheaded by the Republican majority board, and urges the community to contact Mayor Hoydick and their Town Council representative to support a fully-funded BOE budget.

Carroll-Fabian’s statement:

I am compelled to address the recent developments concerning our budget vote during both the Finance Committee meeting on Monday night and the subsequent Special Board Meeting on Wednesday night.

As an elected BOE Member, I cannot stand idly by while witnessing the grave consequences of the budget cuts enforced by the Republican majority. Their actions can be described as negligent and harmful to our schools and the children. They have failed in their duty to serve the best interests of our schools and the children of this town.

I and fellow BOE members Chris Cormier and Jill D’Angelo Powers have tirelessly fought to amend the budget by advocating for the reinstatement of our crucial staff, programs, and supplies essential for our schools. The repercussions of these cuts are severe, threatening to undermine the quality of education and the well-being of our students.

It is evident to me that these cuts are not driven by a genuine concern for our community’s needs but rather by political will. As in past budget cycles, a clear agenda is at play here, seeking to protect their party leader from the inevitable consequences of consistently underfunding our schools.

During these discussions, I emphasized each teacher and staff member’s critical role in shaping our children’s lives. Their absence, as a result of these cuts, would be devastating and irreparable. Cutting corners in our school budget jeopardizes our educational system, risking declining standards and student success. We must invest in our children’s future by supporting education and not undermining the foundation upon which their success depends. We must not allow political agendas to dictate the future of our children. Our duty is to prioritize their well-being above all else. I refuse to accept anything less.

Thank you for your continued support as we navigate these challenging times. Together, we must stand strong in our commitment to providing the best possible education for our children. Please email Mayor Hoydick and CC ALL Town Council Members, as this issue will now move on to them to decide the fate of our school funding.

MAYOR – Laura Hoydick [email protected]

  1. Bryan O’Connor (1st) [email protected]
  2. Christopher Green (2nd) [email protected]
  3. Alvin O’Neal (3rd) [email protected]
  4. Rene Gibson (4th) [email protected]
  5. Anthony O. Afriyie (5th) [email protected]
  6. Kerry L. Whitham (6th) [email protected]
  7. Kaitlyn Shake (7th) [email protected]
  8. Carl A. Glad (8th) [email protected]
  9. Alan D. Llewelyn (9th) [email protected]
  10. Paul T. Aurelia (10th) [email protected]



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