Endorsed Democratic Candidates for 2024

At our May monthly Democratic Town Committee meeting, we experienced an incredible turnout, as we endorsed our 2024 candidates. The energy in the room was electric! Seeing so many engaged members together for an exciting evening was heartwarming.

First and foremost, congratulations to our Justices of the Peace. We greatly appreciate your commitment to serving the town of Stratford in such an important role. 

We are also thrilled to announce our endorsed Democratic candidates for the upcoming election. These individuals have demonstrated a deep commitment to our town and its residents. They embody our Democratic values and are dedicated to making Stratford the best it can be.

  • Kaitlyn Shake is running for the 120th State House District.
  • Joe Gresko is seeking reelection to the 121st State House District.
  • Dottie Lerner is our candidate for the 122nd State House District.
  • Jim Simon is seeking reelection for Registrar of Voters.

These phenomenal candidates are passionate about our town and are dedicated to making Stratford a better place for all. They are strong advocates who always put Stratford’s needs first.

We invite you to join us in supporting Kaitlyn, Joe, Dottie, and Jim as they work tirelessly for our Stratford. Together, we can keep the momentum going and make a difference. Let’s unite in our efforts to support these candidates and ensure a brighter future for Stratford.

To learn more about Kaitlyn Shake visit https://www.shake2024.com

To learn more about Joe Gresko visit https://joegresko.com 

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