District 4 Councilwoman denied the right and opportunity to represent her district

Stratford Town Hall

In November, Kim Rice ran on a platform of representing the interests of the Fourth District that had been neglected for too long. After an overwhelming mandate by her constituents, with increased turnout and a resounding victory, Councilwoman Rice asked to be appointed to the Town Commissions where she felt she could make the biggest impact for her constituency: Conservation, Economic Development, Redistricting, and above all Public Safety.

When the Mayor’s appointments were made in January, Councilwoman Rice found herself on none of the boards most important to her district.

When asked why, or if she would reconsider, the Mayor stated (starting at 57:00 in the February 14th meeting video) her appointments were made “…in deference to their ability to serve their constituency, the appointments I made I have made with careful thought, and I will leave them as they stand.”

The residents of Stratford’s Fourth District spoke clearly in November and said they wanted a change. They wanted a responsive Councilperson to represent their interests. This decision by the Mayor’s office prevents Councilwoman Rice from having an official say in these important commissions, it ignores the voice of the district seeking better representation, and it casts a taint on the notion of fair and equitable government in Stratford.

As the elected Councilwoman, Kim Rice deserves better. The Fourth District deserves better. Stratford deserves better.

We are asking you to write, email, call, and make your voice heard to Mayor Hoydick ([email protected] 203-385-4001) and Council Chair Pia ([email protected] 203-385-4035) and let them know that the Fourth District will not be ignored, will not be silenced, and deserves a voice.  Ask that Councilwoman Rice be appointed to the Public Safety and Economic Development committees.

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