Steve Taccogna Drop Hammer on Feehan in LTE

To the Editor:

I always try to give the other guy the benefit of the doubt. In Jim Feehan’s first losing campaign against Phil Young, he stood by the Devon Bridge waving beach tongs at the camera. I thought maybe he was trying to start a Carrot-Top-esque prop-based comedy career, but his conduct this election hasn’t been nearly as funny. Instead, after vigorously covering Stratford in the lazy man’s marketing he’s donned his old fireman gear for a series of hit pieces on one of the hardest working reps in Hartford.

So this is a man who dusts off his first responder uniform not out of respect but as a costume for a bunch of junk mail to punch out at a public servant. Gross.

While I acknowledge that as a water carrying member of the party of Trump, lies and exaggerations are his preferred method of communication, I still feel the need to call them out

Phil Young voted to make our community safer, and his opponent has tried to paint it as a weakness. The recent police accountability bill only removes legal protections for officers that knowingly break the law. That’s it. If an officer demonstrably knows that his actions would be considered illegal, and carries them out anyway, his defense will not be paid for by the town. Additionally, rather than defunding anything, it increases spending for things like additional training. That should be something everyone should be able to support.

If Jim Feehan thinks that more resources, accountability, andpreventing cops from knowingly breaking the law is a disservice, I’m not sure what he wants Stratford PD to be doing but I’m not on board. I guess he didn’t get the message to stand back and stand by.

So while Feehan is writing fiction, Phil Young is busy fighting to benefit all of Stratford. He’s bringing more state funding to our town, he’s working on key subcommittees in Hartford, and he’s working to keep us safe through COVID. Phil relies on his track record and work ethic, and he has faith in the people of Stratford to see through his opponent’s cheap attacks.

We know what Phil stands for, but his opponent just seems to stand against Phil. After the last four years, I guess I’m just tired of arrogant, dishonest men of bad faith willing to dispense with honesty and ethics to sate their ego.

Steve Taccogna

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