DTC Chair Addresses Republican Attacks and Mailers

To the Edtor:

There’s a scene in the movie Casino where Robert Deniro’s character fires an employee after the casino got scammed. With slightly more colorful language, he explains “If you didn’t know you were getting scammed, you’re too stupid to work here. If you did know, you were in on it. Either way, you’re out.”

Stratford’s Republican candidates this election cycle need a similar talking to. Kevin Kelly, Jim Feehan, and Ed Scinto have all used mailers on the police accountability bill that contain easily disprovable factual inaccuracies…lies are what most of us would call them. They keep thumping away, but despite their claims, the bill does not reduce police funding, it increases it. It doesn’t eliminate any protections for cops doing their jobs, it prevents a rogue cop from disgracing the department. Lastly it has nothing to do with School Resource officer…not a single mention of them nor the jurisdiction to do anything anyway.

A special shout out to Ed Scinto, who by imagining Joe Gresko flying 747’s into Sikorsky at the behest of Joe Ganim has singlehandedly won the award for most absurd mailer of the 2020 campaign.

The problem becomes what we do with this information. It seems like we’re left with two undesirable but obvious takeaways:

Either they’re dishonest charlatans who know they’re lying, or they are incompetent and unable to comprehend legislation. Either way, don’t vote for them.

Vote for Joe Gresko and Phil Young to continue working for Stratford. In addition to a track record of ethical and effective work on behalf of Stratford, I can’t believe I actually have to say this as a selling point, but they also have basic reading comprehension.


Steve Taccogna, Chair, Stratford Democratic Town Committee

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