Stratford DTC Chair Reacts to Town Council’s Special Meeting to Advance the Mayor’s ’21-’22 Budget

Remember when you were a kid, yelling “1-2-3 Not it!” and having that matter for something?  Remember when that was all that was required for you to not have to do that thing you didn’t like?  Sometimes it was our attempt to avoid being the seeker in a game of hide and seek, sometimes it was to duck out of taking out the garbage.  Whatever the situation, it was always a way to cheekily get out of responsibility.


For those of you that missed it tonight, and it was easy to miss if you blinked, the Stratford Town Council called a special meeting to advance the Mayor’s budget to the usual workshops, and when asking for a discussion on the motion, essentially yelled “1-2-3 Not it”.  After a year of Zoom meetings, if Chris Pia is unaware that you need to allow participants a moment to unmute, I don’t hold his powers of observation in high regard.


Maybe that’s why they’ll be jamming through, as quickly as possible evidently, a budget that reaches deeper into residents’ pockets, raises the rates on your car, continues to make Stratford less affordable for the working family, and shuffles around pandemic relief funds to pay the basic operating expenses.


I am glad at least 3 of our council people still care about the wellbeing of Stratford residents, and I look forward to wiping the other 7 out of office in November.  Because if you can’t care enough to listen to the elected officials in your own meeting, you’re probably not making time to listen to what regular people on the street are experiencing.


Steve Taccogna 

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