Yesterday’s Attack on Our Democracy

Like so many of you, watching the events unfold at the capitol yesterday kept my attention glued to the news. As I watched on as open insurrection unfolded in the halls of government, my thoughts covered a lot of ground. How could this happen here? Are there going to be any consequences? Where does the violence end today? If they were black, would any of them still be alive? Like many of you, I wrestled with the uncomfortable reality that these people aren’t some mysterious “other”. They are in our community. We can drive around Stratford today and still see Trump signs defiantly waving with delusional pride.

I wanted to take a minute to reach out to everyone and to remind us all that we’re not facing any of this alone.

While we all look forward to turning the calendar over to a new year, the unfortunate reality is that it is not an impermeable barrier in time against the struggles, evils, or wrongs of the previous 365 days. What we saw yesterday was part of the disgraceful final act of what a corrupt, morally bankrupt, failed administration has been openly cultivating for the last four years.

That same continuum of time can also work for hope and good. Trump’s legacy won’t fade quickly or easily, but we showed in 2020 that we can fight against it and that we can win. Georgia went Blue. The Biden administration will restore proper order to the executive branch. McConnell can no longer hold the Senate hostage. We are equipped to start to push back COVID.

There is no magic pill for the challenges we face, there never was nor will be. Working together, tirelessly pushing against what we know to be wrong, and advocating for a better community at all levels we will succeed. The first six days of 2021 reminds us to remain vigilant and dedicated to our shared struggle. I hope you all are well, and I look forward to what we can accomplish together.


Steve Taccogna, DTC Chair

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