Word From the Chair – August, 2020

Given the way 2020 has progressed, this summer gap brings with it an opportunity to evaluate, adjust, and get ready to go for November and beyond.  As I said at the first meeting in March, this is a working committee.  In June, I talked about winning elections starts with putting in the work today.  So, it’s August, time for a performance review.  We’re hitting some important time markers as a Committee.

  • We’ve been installed as a DTC for 6 months.
  • We’ve just concluded our first primary…the first public election…as our 2020-2022 DTC slate.
  • We’ve got 3 months until one of the most important presidential elections of our lives.

At the quarter-way mark, it’s a good time to evaluate how we’re doing, individually and as a committee.  We should find encouragement in our successes, and build goals around the work that still has to be done.

  • We have a dozen people interested in becoming new committee members.
  • We have helped register scores of new voters.
  • We have re-ignited the District Leader/District Committee structure.
  • We have begun to update our communications and outreach.
  • We have started subcommittees around important goals of the committee.
  • We have had some of the best attendance at meetings in recent memory.
  • And of course…we secured a resounding victory for our endorsed candidate, Jim Simon, in the recent primary.

These aren’t my accomplishments or the exec board’s. Every one of these is a direct result of the efforts of our members.  I’m immensely appreciative of everyone who has pitched in and encouraged by the energy so many people have brought to these efforts.  Jim’s decisive victory shows what we can do when we work together and take nothing for granted.

Membership on the DTC represents a commitment to the Stratford community, the Democratic party platform, and to each other.  With a major election this year, and 21 municipal positions up for grabs in 2021, we need to work together and have all oars in the water.  With a full roster of 86 members, if everyone were to contribute 1 hour and $10 every month, we would be unbeatable.  So I’m going to throw it out there for each of us to engage in some self reflection: How are we doing?

  • Have I been able to contribute time or resources to any of the ongoing campaigns?
  • Have I attended DTC meetings?
  • Have I taken part in subcommittees, district committees, completion of the DTC survey, and verifying your contact info?
  • Have I talked to friends and neighbors about what we’re doing?

There’s been a lot coming at us in 2020 and we’ve all had a lot to juggle.  If we can’t say “Yes” to all these questions, then alright.  But if we can’t say yes to at least some of them, we need to recommit ourselves. In September, we’re going to be rolling out our updated messaging, our plans for the November election, and new initiatives to get behind.  We’ll need everyone pulling in the same direction and actively participating.  I believe everyone on this committee wants to see us be successful, improve our community, and win elections.  We can make that happen, but it needs all of us committed to the work ahead.


Steve Taccogna


Stratford Democratic Town Committee

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