Word From the Chair – June, 2020

Where’s your line?  What’s the point at which you can’t stand on the sideline any longer without betraying your own convictions?  What’s the point at which you morally, ethically, as a human being need to step up and act?  What’s the point at which remaining silent becomes a betrayal of principle?

In 2020, we have 100,000 Americans dead from a global pandemic. We have systemic racism and police brutality that goes unpunished, leaving men and women of color incarcerated, suppressed, or dead.  There are people mocking concepts of “public wellbeing” in favor of personal convenience, denying medical and scientific consensus, occupying government buildings with AR-15s.

People don’t riot because they are bored or from an appetite for wanton violence.  They riot when they are out of options and the structure has failed them.

So again, where’s your line?  And what are you willing to do about it?

We have choices here in Stratford, and we have a responsibility to act.  November seems like a long way off – especially when the first 6 months has felt like 6 years – but winning in November starts with working in June.  Volunteer for a campaign, contribute to our fund, and make your voice heard!

We’ve got a lot of good things going on here in Stratford.  We’ve named several District Leaders to make sure our communities have a voice.  Although COVID has made congregating difficult, we’re working on ways to get people together virtually to share ideas and collaborate.  We have local elected officials fighting for our community, for equity, for financial responsibility, and for accountability to the public.

We have an opportunity to send back to Hartford our hardworking delegation of Joe Gresko, Phil Young, and Dennis Bradley, and to add another ally with Jose Goncalves.

We have an opportunity to elect Jim Simon as our Registrar of Voters and have a true champion for fair elections and voter engagement.

And of course, we have an opportunity to send Rosa DeLauro back to the US House of Representatives, and an imperative to remove from the White House the most destructive, divisive, and cruel president in our country’s history.

We have options, we have a mandate, and this is a call to action.

Steve Taccogna
Stratford Democratic Town Committee

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