New Secretary Named

Immacula Cann has taken over the position of Secretary for the Stratford Democratic Town Committee. In her three years on the DTC, Immacula has been a hard working town committee member and candidate. Now she is taking on an even bigger job.

Ms. Cann was born in Haiti, raised in Brooklyn, NY and with her family, has lived in Stratford for over 20 years. She has four children, all of whom graduated from the Stratford public school system, and three grandchildren. Immacula is a Board Certified Psychiatric and Mental Health Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree in Health Education who is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Nursing Practice.

She has more than 12 years of teaching experience preparing adults for medical careers and 17 years of professional leadership experience in training/staff development and facility management, working with non-profit organizations, state-licensed social service agencies, sub-acute health care medical facilities, regulatory and accreditation agencies.

Immacula has been very active in the community, serving on a number of committees. She is a lifelong advocate for children and the development of effective educational programs. As she said when running for the Board of Education in 2011, "Serving the children of Stratford is my motivation. Preparing the role models of tomorrow is my goal."

Immacula takes over for Ariana Rawls Fine, who stepped down after two years to spend time with a new son, Alon, who was born in December.

              District Leaders

District 1
Richard Kennedy

District 2
Stephanie Philips

District 3
Ann Baker

District 4
Kent Miller

District 7
Robert Bradley

District 8
Richard Brown

District 9
Richard J. Buturla

District 10
Flo Langdon


On behalf of the Stratford Democratic Town Committee, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our newly revised website. Our party is committed to supporting Democratic candidates and advocating Democratic ideals in national, state and local elections. We stand for inclusion, diversity, quality education, fiscal responsibility, reducing gun violence and real leadership in Stratford.

It is my hope that you join us in fighting for those things that matter most, the quality of life in our Town of Stratford. By participating in the electoral process, you can make a difference in our Town. As you may know, President Obama and Senator Murphy carried Stratford by huge margins. With your help, we can elect good Democrats to our local offices and improve our Town.

The time is ripe. Join us as we fight for meaningful change.

All the best to you,

Richard J. Buturla
Stratford Democratic Town Chairman

2013 Democratic Candidates

Mayor: Joe Paul
Council 1st District: Mary Young.
Council 3rd District: Stephanie Philips.
Council 4th District: Jason Santi.
Council 5th District: Greg Cann. 
Council 6th District: Phil Young.
Council 7th District: Robert Bradley.
Council 8th District: Anna Scala.
Council 10th District: Tina Manus.
Board of Education: Wali Kadeem, James Vigliotti,
Board of Education: Len Petrocelli, and Flo Langdon.
Planning District 3: Immacula Cann.
Planning District 4: Ariana Rawls Fine.
Zoning District 3: Irena Kandybowicz.
Zoning District 4: Adam Brill.
Zoning District 5: Ron Hojdich.
Zoning Appeals District 1: Jean Collier.
Zoning Appeals District 2: Emma Brooks.
Zoning Appeals District 3: Cathy Cann
Constables: Richard Brown, Edward Monroe,
Constables: Frank Bevacqua, and Richard Brown, Jr

The Stratford Democratic Town Committee is proud to support the 2013 Democratic Candidates.  As a political party the Democratic Town Committee is committed to presenting to the voters in November a slate of qualified candidates who want to serve the needs of all town residents.

If you want to be a candidate or simply want to know what's involved with and office, please contact any one of the officers of the Democratic Town Committee. Even if running for office isn't for you, good candidates need help from all sorts of hard-working people during a political campaign.

Get involved! Support the candidate of your choice and be part of a winning Democratic team! It's your town. Make your voice heard!


Campaign tips for local candidates

Connecticut Democratic Party State Chairperson Nancy DiNardo is busy these days helping municipalities gear up for the November elections. As part of that effort, Nancy laid out some campaign tips for new candidates seeking public office for the first time. Here are some campaign tips from Nancy:

  1. Know why you are running before you run: You must know what motivates your candidacy and why you are the right candidate for the job. Why should someone vote for you or donate money to your campaign?

  2. Know your numbers: Figure out how many votes it will take to be victorious - your win number - and how much money you will need to get there. Check with your local Town/City Clerk for local results. Talk to your DTC Chair and former candidates about previous budgets and how much has been raised/spent in the past and how much will likely be raised/spent this year.

  3. Make a campaign plan: Create a plan for the time leading up to Election Day. Know what resources you will you have or plan to have and how to get them (fundraising). Budget how to use all resources to get the largest return on investment possible. Every dollar spend should be focused on achieving your win number.

  4. Organization is key: It is never too early to build your organization. Begin recruiting supporters, volunteers, and donors as soon as possible and fit them into the structure laid out in your plan. Keep a campaign calendar. As a candidate your already busy life just got a lot busier. If you have kept calendar before great! If you haven't, now is the time to start. It may seem silly but to get everything done that needs to be done you must make a calendar, stick with it and adjust as needed (Even schedule “family time” and “workout time” if it's not on the calendar it won't happen).

  5. Be honest with yourself and hold yourself accountable: As you create your campaign plan and calendar you need to be honest with yourself and others about what time you realistically can commit to the campaign. If your campaign plan calls for you to knock on doors eight hours a week and one week you only knock for six hours you must budget 10 hours the following week.

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