The Latest Updates

Statement on Racism and Police Brutality

The murder of George Floyd has confronted our nation with another moment of clarity concerning our ugly racial history. The Stratford Democratic Town Committee emphatically lends our voice in condemning the disproportionate violence, harassment, and injustice perpetrated upon the black community. We also acknowledge that it is too little to simply state “Black Lives Matter.” We must all work together to bring substantive change.

Word From the Chair: June, 2020

Where’s your line? What’s the point at which you can’t stand on the sideline any longer without betraying your own convictions? What’s the point at which you morally, ethically, as a human being need to step up and act? What’s the point at which remaining silent becomes a betrayal of principle?

In 2020, we have 100,000 Americans dead from a global pandemic. We have systemic racism and police brutality that goes unpunished,.

Terry Backer Dinner

The Stratford Democratic Town Committee is proud to announce that they will hold the fourth annual Terry Backer Dinner on Sunday, April 7 at 2:00 pm at Oronoque Country Club, 385 Oronoque Lane in Stratford.

The dinner honors our beloved long-time State Representative who served from 1992 until his untimely death in December, 2015. His good work lives on..

SDTC Statement on Trump’s Executive Order

The Stratford Democratic Town Committee is an open, welcoming and affirmative organization that strongly opposes the President’s Executive Orders banning Muslims from entering the country. This policy runs counter to America’s core ideals, and its history as a refuge to people from all countries and all faiths. We stand with our Muslim friends and support their legal entry into America. We stand firm that our Muslim friends should feel safe and welcomed in the Town..

Senate Confirms Judicial Nominees

The Senate unanimously confirmed four of 38 pending judicial nominations Thursday evening, the first of President Barack Obama’s judicial nominees to be approved since September.

The nominees—Catherine Eagles, Kimberly Mueller, John Gibney, and James Bredar—are the longest delayed district court nominees, who were each..