Kevin Kelly Votes Against What is Best For Us

Chris Green’s opponent has a record of voting against what is best for us. With a poor voting record, he has resorted to spreading lies about Chris Green. Kevin Kelly’s time in Hartford has passed. We need a Senator who will work hard to improve our quality of life in Connecticut. Vote Chris Green for Senate. 

Kelly voted against the state budget that provided tax cuts for millions of Connecticut families with children, and retirees. 

Kevin Kelly voted against the state budget that would pay down our pension obligations and put us in a better place financially. 

Kevin Kelly voted against Paid Family and Medical Leave which helps BOTH workers and businesses. With the state filling in the gaps on short term disability, the workforce can get paid and the business doesn’t have to foot the entire bill. This is especially important to small businesses who can’t afford paid leave–Paid Family and Medical leave makes these businesses more competitive employers. 

Kelly voted against a bill lowering generic drug prices and he opposes a public health care option. 

Notice a pattern here? Kevin Kelly has a history of opposing policies that benefit small businesses and families–like the public health care option which would help small businesses especially. He has shown us that he doesn’t care to help individuals or businesses. His is the party of no, and it’s time for him to go. You can learn more about Chris Green’s background and where stands on the issues that matter to you most by visiting

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