Voting Access

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Equal Access to Voting

I worked for 25 years as a college professor and dean. A significant part of the job of the Registrar is to educate the public on both the voter registration process, and where to vote once you’re registered.  It’s also my job to find ways within current law to make those two things easier, so that everyone who wants to participate in the voting process can.  I consider the work of the registrar a critical and sacred piece of protecting voting rights for all Americans.


There is a significant effort nationwide to minimize the votes of black and brown citizens, and Stratford is not exempt from those tactics. Here in our town, gerrymandering of the voting districts has been used to divide and dilute the power of voters in some neighborhoods, and boost power in others.  This tactic is called “cracking and stacking”.  It’s horrible, it’s inherently racist, and it has to end. 


There are several instances here in town where the Republicans in office have used tools to maximize their political advantage. Including gerrymandering when they feel a district is slipping away from their control and leaning too Democrat.  As we know, historically, when black voters have been kept out of a voting district, it’s because people feared that their political power would be an advantage to Democrats. 


The Registrar of Voters plays an important role in drawing those district lines.  Once every 10 years, we look at the Census data and – if everyone around the table is being fair and impartial – use that data to change boundary lines that maintain fairness in representation in that district.  As the Democratic Registrar of Voters, I look forward to ensuring that fairness in representation for every voter in every community, and specifically for voters of color.  I’ll use all the tools available to my office to publicize inequities and rally Stratford residents to support fair redistricting in 2022.


There is no more important role of the American citizen than voting.  For too long, the Stratford Registrar of Voters has been under-performing, and failing our most important democratic principles.

                                                                • The Registrar will have input on voter redistricting. Jim Simon will work to undo the gerrymandering instituted by the past registrars.


                                                                • The Registrar’s office makes the national news for their errors in ballot counting. Jim Simon will work to make sure these errors are prevented.


                                                                • The Registrar’s office can be a proactive force for voter engagement. Jim Simon knows the importance of this and how to do that work.


                                                                • The Registrar’s office spends 4x more per voter than similar sized towns. Jim Simon will work to reduce the burden on Stratford taxpayers while funding the important work of the office.

Elect Jim to start the overhaul Stratford needs in the Registrar of Voters office.