The 57th Anniversary of The Voting Rights Act

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was signed by Lyndon B. Johnson on August 6, 1965. This momentous bill included a nationwide prohibition of voting discrimination, enforced the voting rights in the 14th and 15th amendments, gave racial minorities the right to vote across the country, outlawed literacy tests, and made sure no state or local government could impose any voting qualifications.

Lyndon B. Johnson advocated fiercely to make sure Congress passed this bill. At the signing of the bill, he stated, “Millions of Americans are denied the right to vote because of their color. This law will ensure them the right to vote. The wrong is one which no American, in his heart, can justify. The right is one which no American, true to our principles, can deny.”

Today we remember the important work done to create and pass this bill, along with the disappointing Supreme Court ruling in 2021 that weakened it, and we are reminded that we cannot take these rights for granted!

The Stratford Democratic Town Committee stands behind The Voting Rights Act of 1965. We commit to the advancement of a local, state, and federal government that represents all our citizens.
With your help, we can continue the work of protecting the right to vote in this country! VOTE YES on the ballot question in November asking whether Connecticut should allow early in-person voting!



Primary Day is Tuesday, August 9th
We have a statewide Primary that’s quickly approaching. Make a plan to vote and ensure your voice is heard.

Secretary of the State

State Treasurer

State Senator (Senate District 23)

  • Herron Gaston (endorsed)
  • Dennis Bradley (incumbent)

All voting will take place at your regular polling locations.


Did you know:

  • Yes, people can register with a political party up until noon the day before the election and still vote in the party primary.
  • Yes, you must be affiliated with a political party to vote in that party’s primary.
  • It is too late to switch major parties and vote in the other party’s primary.

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