Month: September 2020

Word From the Chair – September, 2020

There is plenty of negative emotion…anger, frustration, sadness…to be had in 2020. Trump, racial violence and inequity, a global pandemic killing 200,000 fellow citizens, murder hornets, the west coast on fire (again)…do you realize the Australian wildfires were this year? Doesn’t it seem like a decade ago? There’s a lot to feel good about as…

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DTC Statement in Response to Sgt. Rivera’s Social Media Comments

The Stratford Democratic Town Committee strongly condemns the irresponsible, offensive, and erroneous comments made by Sgt. Jamie Rivera of the Stratford Police Department about the Black Lives Matter movement. These comments are unacceptable and reprehensible. They are aimed at movements to end systemic police brutality against black men, women, and children and to silence those…

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